Mejja Feat Linda – Furahia (GetMziki Exclusive)


We have featured Mejja on the site before, with tons of his hot singles and collabos. We have also questioned why his record company Calif records has not yet released his official album, since the music from Mejja is more than enough for an album.

Like I said before, maybe the dynamics and cost of releasing an album overshadow everything else and artists and record companies find it betetr to release singles. From a marketing perspective is it better to release an album when you got a strong street, radio and club buzz from “Jana Kulienda Aje” and “Poa” or wait for the to die down to release the album. We can learn from BOB aka Bobby Ray who just released his debut album which is number one on the Billboard charts. He had completed the album along time ago but him and the record company were waiting for that buzz single which was “Nothin On You” before they released the album.

Anyways, here is another Mejja track from his “upcomin album”. This Beat ya Clemo track features Linda and is one of those comical yet lyrical Mejja tracks. On this song I’ll let it breath for itself.

Clemo we are still waiting for Mejja’s debut album.


Listen to the track below:


Download the track below:


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