MOG feat MR. SEED – PAPA GOD OH (GetMziki Exclusive ***)



I am sitting here reviewing all the new songs that have come in over the last 3 months knowing darn well that I have fallen off slightly from posting all these new hits. I ask myself whats the best song out of all these 45 to 50 hits you are sampling right now. Its so hard to pick one out of the pack, for whatever reason I keep going back to this MOG song which to my understanding is a club banger in Kenya right now.

I am however so conflicted I am not sure if I should be excited that GOSPEL music has taken new form and shape in Kenya? I am not sure if I should be concerned that people dance and drink listening to GOSPEL music, or more importantly that this new sound in Kenya is a complete REPLICA of NAIJA music? Which should I be more concerned about? Am not sure yet – for now I know this is a banger and a complete rip off the P-SQUARE play book. I wonder how Nigerians are receiving these tracks? There is nothing wrong with copping someone else style, I think this happens all the time in the music world and in the business world. There are so many people trying to get into the whole social networking game or he music game – regardless of territory occupation.

My biggest challenge however is to see how many people are willing to explore the unchartered territory. The areas that people dare not go – If you look at Kanye, Just Blaze and the likes they explore some unchartered territory, the Neptunes created sounds that people didn’t think existed and made them fun and funky. Those are the types of questions I always have. It seems copping style is cool but often is an easy way out to get people to love your music – JUST MY TWO CENTS.

That said – this is a banger. PERIOD. While I listened to this track I was reading some Steadmans report and trying to compile some information for a client, and I realized based on what Kenyan Marketers think that GOSPEL is number two in the Youth’s (18 to 35) mind in Kenya. These are interesting stats, the report didn’t say Faith or religion, it said Gospel (Music) is one of the top 3 things that most Kenyan youth are interested in. Anyway overall these are interesting times in Kenya I presume – if I was a marketer and I want to promote my Beer Brand would I sponsor a Gospel concert? Would MOG take the money? Would EABL actually sponsor – better yet do they sponsor and support GOSPEL concerts?

I was kind enough to share this slide – see below and enjoy the music below below..


download the track here:

watch the video here:


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