Mombasa Roots – Mama Leo (Mlee Mtoto wangu)



You’d be suprised at the number of Junguz who go to see this band perform in Mombasa. However you would be more suprised at the number of Junguz who buy this album off Rhapsody and or Emusic. Most tourist come back to the US/UK and look for the classic sounds of the sweet serenading music they listened to as they ate dinner as they cruised on the boat and so forth. Lucky enough Kelele Records did a good job to ensure their artists tunes are available online somewhere.

Mombasa Roots is an old band – Although they too have no website for me to get more information from, atleast I found some resources for any interested people to purchase their album from.

Mombasa Roots on Emusic //

Mombasa Roots on Rhapsody //

listen to the song here:


download the song here:


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