Brand New: Mr Blue feat Steve – Tabasamu


Mr Blue
image courtesy of Museke

Mr Blue has been one of those artists in TZ that climbs and drops the charts based on how chics feel about him at the current time. Truthfully when he first came out with that Mapozi track years ago under G Records (am not sure how old he was, he musta been like 13 or 14) he took Tanzania by storm. The whole LL Cool J phenom the licking of the lips and the swagger, the corn rows – I mean the Kid became an icon, a brand – MR BLUE used to wear Blue all day-every day. He was a well packaged product by default that just worked for the Bongo Flava market.

He dropped a couple big tracks, made some cheddar sold mad albums and then just disappeared a little from the music scene. This is some new fire from him that apparently is taking East Africa as a whole by storm. Am not in Tanzania so I cant really tell what the pulse of the song is in the streets, but from what I can hear this is a killer track and definitely a banger. I guess whats left is for you to sample it for yourself…

listen to tabasamu here:


download the track here:

watch the video here:


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