My Land is Kenya – DJ Challenge


Roger Whittaker’s – My Land is Kenya

Roger Whittaker

Over the last few months we have been trying to consolidate a bunch of remixes that DJ Edu (BBC1 Extra) makes for his popular hit show called DNA (Destination Africa). DJ Edu by far is one of the few DJ’s ive learned to respect and appreciate his work. He has a unique way of blending local African tunes with Western vocals or instrumentals to make it look like these two artists and producers were in the same studio at the same time. (I will upload the best of DJ Edu at some point this month.

The only other DJ I think who can hack this feat better than Edu is a guy called Steve Kintu – DJ Mista Prime who currently is in Kenya and runs a hit TV show called Xtreem Music Video. Kintu is by far the best DJ Kenya has – but most people would say my opinion is biased.

This morning, Kimathi (Jamhuri Wear) wanted me to throw a challenge to our users, he sent me this track that he thought would be a perfect opportunity for any DJ to showcase his prowess. This is a classic 1982 hit track performed by Roger Whittaker which was to commemorate his birth land and the country he always felt he belonged to. To many people this track may have lost its soul – but I think its time for a DJ out there to put this track back on the map… Other interesting tracks from Roger Whittaker include “I am Back” and “come with me” although he has albums full of reminiscent hits.

listen to the track here:


download the track here:

Good Luck, we will post all submissions in a few weeks… ps. DJ EDU cannot participate and neither can DJ Prime*

Also a good example of a good execution (Coup De Cale – in the Club Mix) which is on the post below this one.



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