Naija Music : Duncan Daniels – Show Stoppa



The minute T-Pain came out with auto tune (vocoder) he should have realised that 110 other artists were going to cap his style and amplify it. This is not to say that the auto tune was never used before T-Pain, I think Pain just brought it to the lime light more than any other urban artist.

If you take into consideration what many African artists are doing now, its no wonder we are churning out more songs than ever before. Essentially technology has allowed us to mask our vocal capabilities and implore good beats but mediocre vocals and the people will still consume the music. Take for instance this Naija wonder called Duncan Daniels. He brings a unique style into the industry, a very diverse artiste offering a mix of pop,rock and R&B to suit the modern urban radio era.

Duncan also happens to be a producer and a song writer, who has been at the top of his game since he was 25 years old. Currently working on his sophomore album it appears Daniels may be onto something thanks to vocoders :-). I personally think Naija music is going places but the success is very short term, unless something extraordinary happens within the urban music space. But for now if your country has about 120 million people – why do you need to tour or go anywhere else coz your market is right at home

listen to show stoppa here:


download the track here:


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