Nakaaya Feat Jay Dee – Sister Sister



Pic Courtesy of Nakaaya’s Website

I have been wanting to post a few songs for the “ladies and sisters” out there and the Nakaaya Feat Jay Dee single “Sister Sister” makes a perfect start to the posts.
Nakaaya has proved to be a successful outfit in the Bongo Flava arena since featuring in the Tusker Project Fame contest in Nairobi, Kenya, last year  and has released a couple of hit singles including “Mr. Politician” and “Matatizo”.  The song ‘Mr Politician” was last year one of the songs nominated by MTV nominees for the prestigious listener’s choice award.
On this song , the artists are expressing their depression regarding a guy who double deals them and whose motives they have discovered. After realising that they are sharing the same guy, the two become friends. “Sister sister usinichukie, sister sister usinihukumu. Awapo kwangu anakuponda, akitoka kuja kwako anakusaga?”( Quoted from the Guardian)

Enjoy the track!!!!!!!!

Listen To The Track Here:

Download the track here


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