Navio feat. Joh Makini & Flex D’ Paper – Abaana Beeka


When three Juggernauts in African music come together, alongside one of the most revered producers Uganda has ever spawned- the blend can be explosive! Navio, East Africa’s biggest rap export, Joh Makini, EA rap royalty, and Flex’D Paper- the new mouthpiece for EA youth have come together on a gritty and transcendent Samurae beat to change the industry as we know it.                                                                                               

In a time when Corona is making artistes look inwards, these acts are still pushing the international hustle agenda, still grinding and still putting out great music. This is slated to be one of the biggest collaborations in Africa this year, with hard street elements and a freestyle-based godfather writing style that have made all of these artistes loved by their fans. “Abaana Beeka” in Luganda means children of the soil, Children from Home. Those who represent their hoods and the traditions that brought them to where they are. p>


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