Nikki Feat Taio Tripper – Feelin Good (GetMziki Exclusive)



With so many people getting into the music industry, it’s soetimes so hard to keep track of who’s who unless the music is really good or they bring something new to the table. On the flip side we’ve seen great artists with good music not having a proper management team leading to the record not getting the necessary push or just plain mismanagement.

Nikki is a classic example of a great artist with a bright future but she still has to go back and read “Music promotion 101”. It’s 2013 and for you to have a lasting impression you need to push your record and one way of doing this is giving the fans and djs out there free music. I’ve still never understood how artists have a record they are promoting on Soundcloud and disable the download link. Hopefully she will slowly learn how the music industry works…..

“Fellin Good” is a dope record that fatures Taio Tripper from Camp Mullah and super guitarist Izzoh.. The record was produced by Decimal Media’s Musyoka and is the first single off DragonFly, Nikki’s second album.

Listen to the record below:


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