Nonini feat Chege – Kila Moja (Waithaka Ent Remix)


I’ve been working on a project for almost a year with some producers to create this genius portal for African producers, however its meaningless to have producers post work of what they already have produced or what they already own. So my challenge to the team I have was to create refixes or remixes of tracks they’ve done or better yet take music they love and make them something epic. Working with people like Musyoka, Wawesh, Clemo, Chava and the likes can be a challenge sometimes. Coz they are too busy and often you are just one of many people throwing deals at them.

But slowly this year Wawesh just started going hard with refixes – I have a vault full of refixes that to me are just defined in one word – GENIUS. Now there is some Musyoka and some other cats work no one has heard which I think will change the overall opinion of music in the East African space. You see to me when you give a producer the opportunity to remix a track that already exists, its like giving him an opportunity to work with someone new – and figure out how he would have developed that sound. Its very different from when a DJ Edu or a DJ Dyme does a remix. Most DJs will overlay music that already exits ontop of accapellas. Anyway am overstating the facts here because I am excited. Waithaka has been working on some phenomenal stuff for years but I think these new remixes coming out from his vault are going to change the music industry and ultimately define him as a formidable producer. All this music will be featured in our upcoming GetMziki producers project, but I felt it important to share some of this goodness as we finish developing that brand.

Here is Waithaka’s interpretation of Nonini’s classic Kila Moja that was produced by Musyoka. He added some drums by Festus productions.. neat..

listen and download the remix here:

Nonini feat Chege – Kila Moja (Waithaka Ent Remix) by getmziki


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