Nonini feat Chege & Lady B – Killa Moja (GetMziki Exclusive ****)


I rarely make a post with a video first but this one deserved all the accolades it could receive so I upload it instead of putting a picture of Nonini. Lets face it you already know how he looks like but I dont think many of us understand the amount of work and effort he puts into his career and craft. Last weekend Nonini blessed the Oakland Kenyan community with his presence and some of his greatest hits. Truthfully I have to admit this is the first concert of its type that I enjoyed – mostly because of the performance but also because of the set up and the entertainment value.

DJ Slim put together an accompanying band to help Nonini harp through his music from hit to hit, if the video above is not evidence enough of the delivery then I dont know what is. A lot of artists come to the US for show and tours but normally the entertainment value is just the same – its the same set up. One of the worst African shows I have ever been to is an AWILO LOGOMBA show where the dude started asking for money after 2 songs and had the audacity to get off the stage. In retrospect I blame the Promoters (pun intended) because if as a promoter you will let an artist do that to your credibility then you both have the same work ethic. However when an artists gives 110% by himself it’s always a refreshing break from the monotony. In fact the only thing that sucked about the Nonini show was the fact that by the time Nonini got on stage the bar had closed (do the math go figure). Either way DJ Slim out did himself this time round I have to admit – coz the Show was on point from start to finish – so big up to you and your crew – I hope you can maintain the responsibility that comes with successful shows!

That said, as usual I got a chance to hang with Nonini for a while catch up and of course yank this track from his HARD DRIVE. Nonini’s album is a must have and to me this TRACK number 8 of course produced by Musyoka is probably his biggest song thus far. I know many guys may not agree but I think by the time Pro Habo is done with the short film and music video they are doing for this song – EVERYONE will agree – KILLA MOJA is the Killa song in that album.

I cant say enough about Nonini I respect the man and love him not only as an artist but as a person… Tumetoka mbali – keep doing your thing.

ps. that chile in the video that says …. “BUT I LOVE GENGE” Killed me – TEN NIL… ha ha ha ha.. nilidie mzeiya…

Killa Moja

listen to killa moja here:


download the track here:

Bonus DJ Material:

Get the instrumental here:


Download the instrumental here:

Watch the short movie preview here:


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