Nonini – Kataa Hio (GetMziki Exclusive ***)



Nonini the Godfather of Genge has been working on his Sophomore album for the last few months however according to sources close to him – he hasn’t really been feeling the last few releases. If you recall we debuted KUMBUKA feat Lady Bee and KADHAA on the site a few months ago. I figure he anticipated that any one of these songs would have been bigger than Keroro or any of his previous songs. But to his dismay it seems as though they really haven’t given him the kind of traction he has been anticipating.

Personal note: NOTE TO SELF – to date I still think KERORO was one of Noninis biggest tracks EVER. Musyoka and Nonini in a studio for the first time and Keroro came out. It was so unexpected. Keroro was one of those songs you just have to accept, its vulgarity and audacity made it one of the biggest songs of all time. If i had to do a top all time ten urban tracks in Kenya – my number 2 or 3 would be Keroro.

So knowing Nonini and the perfectionist he is – he decided to drop this single last week to pony up more hype to his much anticipated album. Teaming up with Musyoka again – to see if they can reinvent the chemistry they once had. This Kwaito beat inspired, lyrically compelling track has Nonini reaching for the stars. Personally I don’t know if its bigger than Kumbuka, but thats just my own opinion – I think the day Nonini emailed me and told me about Kumbuka he knew I would never get passed that song 🙂 including the video lol. But ill let y’all sample this goodness and let me know what you all think.

ps. Nonini how about getting a clean cut of Keroro and the instrumentals Mzeiya. Meanwhile anyone who wants the vocals and instrumentals of Kataa Hio – scream at me.

listen to Kataa hio here:


download the track here:

[Download the track here:]


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