Brand New : Nyashinski feat DJ Final Kut – One DJ, One MC


In the world of sports and entertainment many athletes apparently want to be artists/singers/rappers. There has been a fine line between being a good sportsman and being a successful artist. In the music industry there has been a fine line between a good DJ and a good producer. I believe most DJs want to become producers, but not all producers want to become DJs. As with the case with people like Ogopa DJs who originally started off as DJs and then branched off to become a full record label, production shop and now they don’t even hold any gigs as DJs.

So it comes as no surprise to me that one of Kenyas most talented DJs – DJ Final Kut currently working with the CodeRed brand, has produced or scratched up this track featuring Nyashinski. Personally I enjoy Nyashinski’s flow and style, ive been an avid fan for a long time. This track is definitely not a club banger – but its the type of song you want to listen to at home or in your car. Its an okay song but not one of my favorite songs, either way the collaboration definitely leaves you wanting!

Listen to One DJ One Mic here:


Download the track here:


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