ONE8 Supergroup (***GetMziki Exclusive)


We rarely report on news going on in the music world but sometimes we really have to cross the bridge and report on news we see fit for the site. If you are still wondering what “ONE8” is, then you are not alone.

ONE8 is the buzzing new African music super group composed of artists from various countries in Africa produced and managed by the first major pan-African record label and 360 music company, Rockstar4000 within the family of the world’s number 1 recording company Sony Music. The artists on ONE8 are Kenyan’s Amani, Nigeria’s 2Face, Ugandan hip-hop artist Navio, Zambia’s biggest super star JK, Tanzanian heartthrob Ali Kiba, Ghanaian trio 4×4, Gabonese duo Movaizhaleine and DRC’s hot sensation, Fally Ipupa. ONE8 is rumored to be working on a hit song with a top US artist, yet to be named, produced by an undisclosed top international producer and will drop in November with a hot video, also by an international music video director.

Word on the streets is that they will be doing a collabo with either Rihanna, Chris Brown or Pink but everything is just hearsay as of now. The all star group to taking the best in music from Africa onto the global stage, connecting millions of fans through the universal language of music. Super groups are always ushered in joy and hype, but past history has always shown us that “egos” always end up breaking the groups. We here @ GetMziki are really excited for the group which will hopefully open up tons of doors for African music.

We have featured most of the artists on ONE8 here at GetMziki and you are guaranteed that we will be premiering the new tracks from the group as we get them. Lets go!!!!!

Watch 4×4 – Miss Doctor

JK feat Salma – Kapiripiri


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