P-Square – Alingo (GetMziki Exclusive****)


People beware. Just cause they announced the new Pacquiao vs Marquez fight on December 8th does not mean that it’s going to any different from the past fights. I mean, they have fought three times already, so why the 4th time. Simple logic; business over sports. This anaology perfectly summarizes the new P-Square track.

We get numerous emails from record companies, artists, managers and various other media outlets. We ensure we go through all of them trying to shift through to bring you the best music out there. Sometimes you wonder why we don’t showcase some tracks that are currently your djs favorite track. One reason is that we just don’t showcase all songs we receive. Sometimes we purposely take a “pass” on songs that we don’t feel represent the African culture or songs that we believe are just horrible tracks.

Yeah, they might be getting tons of spins on the radio or clubs, but my own personal opinion was that the last commercial release from P-Square was terrible. Call it what you want, but recycling beats and having the same subject matter, makes a track horrible. It’s one reason why the song was not posted on the site. Go figure!!!

On the flip side, when we received this new track, it had an aura of decent freshness. It’s still not one of the duo’s best track, but the Azonto like beat makes it get a feature on the site.

Listen to the track below:


Click HERE to Download the track (RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE AS)


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