P-Unit – Aggie na Maggie (GetMziki Exclusive ****)


Musyoka will probably kill me for putting this song here but I am sure we will find a way or room for forgiveness somewhere down the road. Again as I always say its better to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission.

This track is on the Wagenge Album which I have had for a looooong time. Part of the reason I am debuting this song here today is because I think the album needs an extra push. P-Unit has worked so hard on this album. The entire album is a hit, an average of about 8 dope songs, 6 top number 1 singles its inevitably the greatest album of the year from Kenya as far as I am concerned. The challenge however is that the singles business may have messed up the album launch and sales process (but Kenyan music doesnt work that way).

Essentially the label/artists pushed out atleast 5 singles over the last 3 years while they were working on this album. I know what Musyoka will say, so I wont table it here but the reality is thats the same strategy used with Ogopa about 10 years ago. It works to increase awareness/brand affinity and performances – but does little for their actually music sales. I could be wrong coz according to Nonini his album has sold a couple thousand copies, so I dont know.

Anyway – Aggie na Maggie is my favorite track off that album. I couldn’t share it before because the album had just dropped but I think this is probably the track they should have pushed above everything else. There is something unique about P-unit’s ability to connect local dialect/street language with the reality of urban music. Having Musyoka along side any artists is just a gift, I dont even consider it a business strategy anymore. If you listen to the instruments on this track you will realise Musyoka left Kenyan production a long time ago (which is not necessarily a bad thing). However give this track a spin for realz..

To get a copy of the entire album or other tracks that are all a MUST have please visit the link below.

purchase the Wagenge Hao album on itunes here: WAGENGE HAO

listen to Aggie na Maggie here:


download the track here:


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