Pam – Nimechoka


For the first time I am going to post a video to a song that I don’t have on audio format. I actually have been waiting for the song but its taking too darn long, so I am going to solicit help from you guys. I need this song bad, I want it, I like it too too much. This is probably one of Pams best work ever, initially after SEMA broke up I was worried about her future in the game. Then she released Dhahabu which was just a killer R&B song… by the time I got this video (ps. I have the video on DVD format) I was dying. I went frantically looking for the audio file but wapi!!

Nimechoka is a Lodwa production track, the video was produced and directed by Adam Juma of Visual Lab/ Next which is probably the best Music video production company in East Africa right now. There used to be a company called African Pictures in the past – some south African/English cat based in Uganda who was sick… this guy was just bad ass, he had a mag called Zenji that was probably the future of Vibe in Africa and then they killed it I dont know what happend to these dudes. Anyway Visual Lab really has been doing a lot of interesting stuff. Juma used to live in San Diego a while back but he went back home, worked under EATV and now is running his own outfit.

NEWS JUST IN – Thanks Top Donn :

listen to the song here:


download the song here:

If anyone has word or has an audio file of this song, please post it here, it will be the last song on my Afrosoul Mixtape.


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