Pam’s Gold Mine



Immediately the pop band group called SEMA disbanded I knew that was the end for all the three of them. I couldn’t believe how a group of young talented Kenyans brought together by the synergies of Coca Cola and Homeboyz not to mention the massive jittery crowds that voted each of these talents into the finals would do such a thing.

For real money is the root of all evil, but anyone who uses this statement to date – probably doesn’t have any real money. SEMA which was made up of PAM, KEV and SANAA was a killer combination. I had the honor of working with them for a short while in 2004/05 but sadly the project didn’t last so long. Mike Rabaar spent so much time and effort to make this album a reality, one of Kenyans first – but the blasted fame and poor management couldn’t withstand the heat. From rumors of DJ John going out with Sanaa to rumors of Kevin swining both ways, this guys just couldn’t keep it together.

However PAM for some reason never really had any bad press, she layed low for quite a while until 2006 when she came out with this single called Dhahabu. The track was produced by TIM (Innovator), but I think the vocal prowess she demonstrates clearly shows off who was the better of the entire crew. I think PAM was trully SEMA’s Gold mine

Click HERE to Download the track (RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE AS)

And just in case you want to watch the Video or haven’t seen the video here it is.


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