Professor Jay – Kama Ipo (GetMziki Exclusive ***)


I dont know if I have ever put it out there publicly that I really love Professor Jay, not just as an artist but as a person. For realz I really really love this cat. I can spend hours with this cat on the phone just laughing coz the guy is just an infectiously funny interesting guy, with a lot of knowledge and interesting things to say about life and his experiences. Honestly once you get over his position in the market place and the fact that he is a very successful Bongo Flava artist, once you get him real comfortable to become himself – Joseph Haule is eventually just an interestingly honest calm funny guy.

So the fact that I am all jazzed up about the man is not directly related with the fact that this track is just a hot azz track. Prof collaborated with Fish Crab Cook Out on this banger to deliver what I think is undoubtedly the next sing along track in Tanzania. 41 Records/G Records or Fish Crab Cook Out are on to some next level production right now. I like how these guys just defined a sound that I can readily identify as Tanzanian Bounce.

To be real honest right now I am like a baby in a topless bar, itching to release this track so lets go hard on this one – its a friday, if your a DJ rip this and GO HARD on the crowds tonight. On every part Jay say Kama IPO – KILL the faders and let the crowd learn that life is about ups and downs… But if you got it.. you’ve got it 🙂 Kama Ipo, Ipo tu.

I had to share some of the images I got from the production shoot.

For some reason Jay always likes shooting next to Mkokoteni's ...
Although I do hope all these cars being flossed here are Jay's ha ha ha and not rentals.

Sidenote: Its amazing how a country that has problems with power, water and other major economical problems currently. Has a 3% population that lives way above their means and feels nothing about the rest of the country… It always jazzes me when I look at the inequalities and the disparities between the different communities in Tanzania… Interesting times in that country right now.

listen and download the track here:

[Download the track here: RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE AS]

watch the video here:


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