Q-Stick – Bless Da Youths and The System


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Its one of those times where I showcase a Kenyan artist based overseas. This time around its all about Q-Stick popularly known as Q-Stick Balaa based in Dallas, Texas, who’s been doing the music thing for a while. Let me say that that I’ve had the pleasure and joy of working with Q-stick and his work ethic in the studio is something I’ve only seen in a couple of artists. I clearly remember one time we were in the studio with him from like 6pm till like 6am in the morning, working on songs and producing beats. He’s one of those artists that I consider “unpolished diamonds”, since he has incredible writing skills and his vocal abilities are amazing.

Currently working under the Royal Entertainment/Fameus Recordings, Q-Stick combines reggae, hip-hop and Genge creating a unique and vibrant sound and his stage performance is untouchable as he always brings a positive energy to the stage that very few artists can match. I’ve had the chance of being in his management team for a couple of months which opened me up to the ups and downs of being a foreign based artist and the dos and don’t s.  My advice to foreign based artists is to always keep on being consistent on their individual musical lane and to always use mixtapes as a forum of getting thier music out there.

The two songs on this post are “The System” (Rub a dub Riddim) and “Bless da Youths” (Painter riddim), where he jumps on 2 popular riddims creating his own top notch quality “versions” and at the same time displaying his writing and vocal abilities. With a consistent grind and a good marketing strategy, Q-Stick is on his way to greater things. Make sure to also grab a copy of his highly acclaimed album “Approved By The Streets” in stores now.


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Bless Da Youths


The System


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Bless Da Youths

The System


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