Rabbit – Ligi Sooo (Remix)



Every once in a while a track comes across my digital space that surprises me and restores my faith in the state of hiphop in Kenya. Truthfully over the last few months or a year or so, Kenyan music scene in my opinion has been relatively flat. If you listen to what International (or US Kenyan DJs) play in clubs its a sad thing – DJs here play more Nigerian music than anything you can imagine. It’s as if they are not Kenyan anymore. Basically DJs have given up on breaking Kenyan artists so folks are left to try and find their own new tracks or new sound from Kenya.

But I think the reality is that there just isn’t any good hard banging or dance thumping original Kenyan music anymore.

That being said today I am excited about this track (the remix version of it). Not because I think its a club banger, but because I think its the first collaboration track that I actually think made sense. To my understanding locals in Kenya didnt like the fact that Madtraxx and Mejja jumped on this track (I may share these sentiments as well) but overall I think this track showcased some new talent that I didnt even know existed before. I only wish that they had put the names of the artists before they started rapping, because that Yellow Yellow that started rapping at 6:08 mark just killed IT. KILLED IT. Between her, Xtatic and Stella I am proud to say that Kenyan females are going to dominate the music industry for the next 3 to 5 years. I mean look at how quick Xtatic was signed. And you cannot compare STL’s fame to any Kenyan male artists today 🙂

Anyway I like this Ligi Sooo thing – I hope I am in the Ligi Sooo club as well…

Bless this track.. leggo!!!

Listen and download the track here:

Watch the remix video here:

watch the original video here:


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