Raj – Sawa Sawa (**Artist On The Move)



This post is really special for me, since it comes at time where I have the music to showcase great talent out there. You see whenever we post some records from artists I typically get my dj friends hitting me up saying I’m rushing on claiming an artist is the next to blow. When the FAC Mixtape came out last year I was bumping it heavy and even though we never posted the mixtape, we were jamming to “Ndizi Flow”, Gaki, Hallelujah and many more. Believe it or not, but the “Piano Interlude” is a classic. Simple, but well thought and crafted for the avid hip hop listener out there….

First foward to now and if you follow Raj, you should know he recently released the “Obe Baba” remix with Stella Mwangi and this week just released Sawa sawa.

Raj is firmly maturing as an artist and although no rookie, his career that is just getting started. Keep on the Hustle Raj…

You can downlaod the Fac Mixtape Here

Watch Sawa Sawa Below

Watch the “Ole Baba” remix


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