Remembering the King of Pop (GetMziki Exclusives ***)


So today is exactly a year since the King of pop passed away. In reality some would argue that he has no business being on GetMziki, but I think the sheer fact that he influenced and inspired so many African artists – we ought to pay tribute and share some of the two greatest works available online today made in his honor. Since we love you guys so much and have the resources and technology to support these files, we have stored them on our servers and you can enjoy them here (play them) or download your own copy.

DJ Ayres is a bad ass Jungu DJ based in NYC, Ive been a keen listener and follower of his mixes and blends so it wasnt shocking that his mix was well put together. I think if you are an all time MJ fan you will appreciate the depth of the music selection and how he builds up from the 70’s to the current. I’ve been blasting that mix for more than a year since it was made way before MJ passed away, but how relevant is that mix right now.

The second mix is by DJ Eric, (Update: I over stated earlier – this is DJ Eric not DJ Nyandat.. My bad)
as much as I don’t feature a lot of his work here, I think Eric is one of the most talented cats out there – a bit OG at this time in the game but still very relevant. My dream is to host a Dinosaur party with Nyandat, Otieno Vee, DJ Peter, DJ Kay Dee, Bruce Odhiambo, Hussein Abdala amongst other great Kenyan DJs ive met in my time. I think these OG’s have an understanding of old skool that many new school cats just dont. These days DJs mix and blend BPMs sometimes some cats dont even know the name of the song or who is singing… so long as it blends – lets go (

Anyway as we sit and remember MJ, lets keep in mind that this is one of the few cats who had put Africa on the map way before many of these other Bono, Alicia and the likes did. To date “We are the world” has sold over 20 Million copies raising about 63Million dollars in aid/food to Africa. Thats a major step for one album/song.

Enjoy the sets below.

Listen to DJ Ayres Mix here:


Download the mix here: [Right Click and hit save target as]

Listen to DJ Eric’s MJ Mix here:


Download the mix here: [Right Click and hit save target as]

watch we are the world here:


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