Sheikha Ft Mejja – Mali Mbele (Nzo Baiby Nzo)


Sheikah Getmziki

From what I can gather, Sheikah is a Kenyan Artist based in Dubai and she’s been doing the music thing and recently just released her first official offering titled “Mi Mbela” featuring Mejja. On this single she decides to grab seasoned veteran producer Clemo for some hard knocking beat. Clemo this is the type of tracks that the industry as a whole need to get back to. You had a distinctive sound and you kinda lost it while trying to conform to what everyone else was doing out there.

The jury is still out on Sheikah’s ability as an artist, but if she has an A &R, they definitely did their job. Grabbing Mejja and Clemo was just superb and I don’t need to say so much on Mejjas 16’s which are always captivating and refreshing.

However, A few questions for Sheikha

1. The tracks is good but the video sucks big time. The “Intro” acting portion to the video was a 1 minute long. You could do that in the 80’s and 90’s during Snoops and Dre’s Eras, but nowadays with so many videos on deck, music shows will edit it straight to the video track. This was a definite miss.
2. Having Mejja on the video would have made it a near slum dunk a far as collabos go. I can say the A & R definitely slept on trying to make that happen.

Watch the video below:


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