Shu – Bila Shaka (GetMziki Exclusive *)


I’ve covered enough of Shu on GetMziki and other blogs to a point where it doesnt even sound fresh anymore whenever I put down a new track. The problem here today is I cant figure out if I have ever posted this track or I havent. I’ve had it for a long time now and I cant even remember if he sent this to me or if I got it from the production team either way am posting it today because it has a sick Samba mapangala sample. I could be wrong but thats samba mapangala on the sample right?

I like it when a producer takes an element of something that we recognize and feel so attached to and then embeds that on a current urban track. I wish more producers would do just that – (I mean its not like y’all need clearances right lol). Anyway enjoy this track, I am not really fond of it and I dotn think by any means is it a reflection of what Shu’s current work is – but I think its buzz worthy… thats why i gave it one star.

listen to bila shaka here:


download the track here:

Right [click here and hit save target as]


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