Njeri Feat. Stella Mwangi – Miti Ni Dawa



Njeri is a Rapper/songwriter who came in the game rapping and singing in her Kikuyu mother tongue, while doing her visuals in the modern day setting. The first time I heard the music I instantly fell in love with it. It’s unique, fresh and above all a mixture of best of both worlds in terms of music production and elevating her fan base.

Her latest offering features STL who also has been doing the singing and rapping in swahili and Kikuyu in some of her songs.

On this latest record, Njeri and STL jump on a Trap beat with with some pianos and heavy hitting 808’s. As A fan of trap music, This is straight to playlist addition…..

We taking it back to the Bando with this one…

The best way to describe this record and how I feel is from some youtube comments on the song..

Hii Ni Ngori.. This is a big tune SALUTE LADIES. .Kikuyu urban content


With the records coming from Njeri, she’s definitely one of the artists on the come up….

Watch the video below:

Watch Nduta Below:


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