STL – Favorite (Get Mziki Exclusive)


Stella Mwangi A.K.A STL just released this video last week and it was only right to showcase the song. We here at GetMziki are always elated when we get fresh new material from her since she embodies the whole “think out of the box” persona with her music. She’s a Kenyan artists but does worldwide music and rarely goes for the traditional East African sound, which is something I really admire.

She also just won the 2010 Chaguo la Teeniez award for best Teeniez’ Female Artist and she’s one of the few Kenyan based international artists that usually gets nominated in various awards which really speaks volumes on her music and management team.

If you haven’t listened to STL debut album, you are sleeping out on good music from the best all rounded female artist to emerge in Kenya. How many artists can go from “Take it back” with Michelle (Big shoutouts to Michelle) to “Makelele” to “She want it” then to “Biacara”. For everybody out there go listen to “Kool Girls” and you will understand what I’m talking about. One thing that people out there don’t know is she can spit crazy!!!. I got to hang out with her during the Mau Forest Green belt movement press tour last year in Kenya and she can definitely hold her own on any type of track.

To sum it all up, just read the following excerpt from from Leo when he showcased her anthem “She got it“.

“I love STL for two main reasons, she has never tried to do the whole Genge, Kapuka thing – it wasn’t her thing so she didnt even try to get into it. Secondly, she recognizes her talent and takes up the challenge to compete in the western market seriously.”.

On this new club banger song which STL describes as her new “warm up street single, she combines some hip hop elements and the whole “jerk” culture for an international street club anthem. Enjoy!!!!!

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