Syd vs Q-Tac : Clande vs Chips Funga (GetMziki Faceoff – Brand New Music ***)



The image I’ve created above and uploaded is not meant to belittle any women who read this blog – but rather to paint a vivid picture of the debauchery that has been going on in Kenya over the last few years when it comes to creating fresh new slang terms to explain certain times of people. From what I understand Chips Funga these days means a chile you pick up the first night at any night club or bar, and you kulungus (hit it off) on the same night. So she is a chips funga just like the Kenchic chips (fries) that you order to go.

On the flip a Clande is just a clande – Clande is actually from the word Clandestine (which is secrecy more or less a relationship you are having on the side). Kenya currently is a Clande infested country, I understand Nairobi is suffering from all sorts of Clande diseases – Imara Daima, South C, South B and Buru have become the new Clande havens for the heavy weights.

So we felt it only right to put these two big artists singing these two different classic tracks that are fresh off the studio and press – Syd who has his banging track titled CLANDE and Q Tac and his crazy track CHIPS FUNGA. The themes are similar but the songs are completely different so they cannot be compared to in terms of production and flow. However in terms of delivery and message execution I thought it would be nice to see which track would pony more votes. So without futher due –

listen to Syd’s Clande song here: (Mandugu Digital production – Ambrose)


listen to Q-Tac’s Chips funga here: (Calif Records production – Clemo)


vote for the tracks here:



download the songs here:

Chips funga



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