Trapee – My Dear (GetMziki Exclusive ***)


I don’t have any good pictures of Trapee anywhere, all I know is that a few years ago he had a hit called “My video” which I personally didn’t really like. DJs loved it though, they played that damn track over and over again. Really that song was so big, was in high rotation but we didn’t even get around to posting the track. I don’t know what it is about that track I didn’t like – but the fire am about to upload, I have been banging my head to for the last 2 weeks until I cant do it anymore.

A part of me is like the audacity of his lyrics!!! WHAT did he just say? Ati what? And then I slowly realize that he actually is talking about something thats so real in Kenya today. I mean real talk, we talk and laugh about Chips funga and Chips beba – but these are real situations for these teenagers in Kenya right now. I would bet that these types of things are not limited to just teenagers, guys are bebaing anything and anyone they can find who is lose lose. So I probably like the song more just for the sheer fact that someone had the audacity to vocalise the doze, but a certain part of me feels like glorifying the acts doesnt make it better or doesnt make you cool.

So what do I do? NOTHING… Absolutely nothing – years later I realize music will always just be music – some people will push the envelope in lyrical content, some people will push the envelop creatively, production wise, gimics, style – whatever it takes. For what its worth I really like this Ogopa produced track. I cant get the tune out of my head and I love the video. I like the delivery style, its like he is shrubbing as he sings but it sounds so FRESH… it sounds so ORIGINAL to me – If you havent had a dose of Trapee give this thing a listen…


download the track here:

watch the video here:


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