Video Showcase – "So Nice" and "Physically Fit"


We post various songs way before artists shoot the videos and the “Video Showcase” is one way we post the videos with a link to the original post and the song download for those who might have missed it. (P/S:Click on the bold part for the original post)

CLD, Raz, Film C, Chikuzee & OHZY – So Nice

The first video “So Nice” is from the Mombasa team of CLD, Raz, Film C, Chikuzee & OHZY that Leo showcased earlier this year. We have been getting tons of music from Mombasa and we will posting some of those songs soon. Enjoy!!!

Cloud Tissa Feat Nameless- Physically Fit

I showcased this song  earlier this year and they just released the video a couple of weeks ago and its currently in the top ten video countdown on a couple of charts in Kenya. Enjoy!!!!


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