Brand New: Wahu – Running Low


image courtesy of Wahuu – Facebook & Myspace gallery

I’ve often expressed my opinion freely about what I think of Wahu’s music and style. I still wish she can go back and bring the whole “he is a liar” and the “Kibow wow” those are the edgy come back tracks that I sorta liked from Wahu. Despite the MTV hype and accolades am yet to be phased. I admire her as an individual, she is a very humble, kind hearted person… it would explain why the two of them (Nameless and Wahu) get along so well and ended up together. They are just good people.

But this is music business, you can have the best attitude but mziki is mziki – and mziki is all about good tunes. And I think if I was to dig deep, and find something interesting about this track – I would say, she is probably about to get there. Running low actually features on the last few minutes of her hit single “Sweet Love” which has been hitting airwaves in East Africa. Running low is charismatic – reggae inspired, R&B track mixed with sheng, english, swahili and some ballads here and there.

Either way I am sure many GetMuzishians here will enjoy this track – enjoy!

listen to running low here:


download the track here:

[Download the track here:]


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