Wahu – Still a Liar (GetMziki Exclusive ***)


A few years ago I used to openly talk shit about Wahu and her talents. It wasnt coz I was mean at the time, I think in being brutally honest you have to confront brutal facts about what you like and what you dont like. My thoughts have been well documented throughout this blog. As recent has her Running Low track that I posted a few years ago, I was still bitching and moaning about her going back to her roots and back to what I think makes her a special artists.

Gladly my opinion doesnt really influence much in Kenya because damn a lot of artists would have been out of the game by now. If you consider Running low, it went to be come a hit record in the country and a slew of other tracks she made. I dont know if I can recant all my sentiments about Wahu today but I can atleast acknowledge that she is not going anywhere, anytime soon with tracks like the one I am posting today. To my defense this is the type of music I often said she should continue to do. Anyway i digress, I love this track, its smooth, its edgy and its a remake of her classic…

listen and download the track here:

watch the video here:


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