Wangechi- Cardiac Arrest



Here is a new record from Wangechi after her tragic accident. From the press release Wangechi took a long time before she got back to writing and recording music until she felt it was time to open up and express herself on a song.Gladly she was ready and she recorded her first song after the unfortunate life event she had last year.Coming back strong and wiser she recorded “cardiac arrest” which she terms as a redemption song,a song she feels like opened up her heart from what she has always wanted to say after the accident.Serving also as a dedication to the friend she lost in the accident they had.

Wangechi can definitely spit and that something music fans know. My own personal opinion is that she’s still trying to find out what style best suits her persona and until then it will be hit or miss type of records from her. Her producer Provoke should have narrowed down everything by now.

Listen to Cardiac arrest


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