Wendy Kimani – Rumor (Waithaka Ent Remix ***)


I think after listening to a few of Waithaka Ent’ remixes I have come up to the conclusion that some artist need to reach out to Mugo way in advance before they make some of their joints lol. Honestly when i listen to Wendy Kimani’s original Rumor track (which I had and just kinda didnt think it had the kick). I feel as though its time to work backwards. How about producing some remixes first and then trying to find out how the original track can fit in?

This particular remix was put together by Waithaka Ent Additional Editing, Mixing and Mastering was done by Kevin Provoke of AMG Kenya. I love the video below but the original track didnt move me as much as this banging club remix. Wawesh – WASHOUT!!! LOL… Letsgo.. bless this Rumors on your speakers.

listen and download the track here:

Wendy Kimani – Rumour (Waithaka Ent rmx) by getmziki

watch the video here:


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