Wizkid – Tease Me


I slowed down on posting Naija Music coz I was a little jealous I will be honest. One country cant have all that heat coming from their ovens like that… like real talk NAIJA Music last year just took OVER man. These cats reinvent themselves, rebrand themselves and just sound so fresh. Look they took over the Movie industry in Africa slowly making Nollywood a force – so I was mad I wasn’t going to let them make Naija Sound a norm. TOO LATE . I think they already accomplished this goal. F&*k I love these Naija beats and I cant help but post this banger today man.

Wizkid had his debut earlier this year and is currently signed to EME a huge Nigerian record label. At 21yrs old I think this cat will change and redefine part of the Naija club scene if his bangers are going to come this strong. Tease me is a killer track – I first heard it on DJ Bonsu’s Mix below and then later stumbled upon the video on Serengeti Record Pool – So I had to get it I had to cap this track and for your listening pleasure here it is…

Be blessed –

ps. What’s up with Naija men and no pimples LOL reminds me of BLACK JEZOZ the bomb diggity rendition dude on youtube. “Fine gyal no pimples” is the first line on this track … LOL

pss. As much as I like this track you will realize he doesn’t really sing much – its a hook oriented track with ho humms and some auto tune but damn it its fresh…

listen to Tease me here:


download the track here:

watch the video here:


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