16 Bars – Kenya Cyphersounds (GetMziki ***)


I am sitting here with my boys watching this video and i realize if I don’t share this video with the world i wont sleep well tonight. In all aspects of hiphop I love this video, if this is the Kenyan version of Cypher then I am definitely interested in the next episode of 16 Bars. This is official, Number NANE crew just killed it… Octopizzo killed it but that cat who freestyled before Octopizzo is the truth!!

I wont talk much please take 3 minutes of your time to watch this talents.

UPDATE: Since we are talking about cyphers, here are two more cyphers :Camp Mulla Presents the 254Low Cypher Volume One and two:

VOLUME 1: Featuring YGB’s Octopizzo, Crew Teflon’s Timmy Tim and Camp Mulla’s Yung Kass

VOLUME 2: Featuring Camp Mulla’s Taio Tripper, B.L.C’s Smooth Poet and MuthaLand’s Babu & Uneek


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