Vinticqeezy ft Abizzy – Find You (GetMziki Exclusive ***)


The decision to go international is difficult for any artist, I believe more so for most African artists who have to struggle with the challenge the language barriers. The thing is Westerners are quick to detect accents and as such once they figure that you are not one of their own – they typically zone out and disregard the hits. But somehow I don’t think this is something some of these new diaspora artists have to worry about in the future. On the flip-side some guys will always sound Kenyan – coz listening to this song its every bit Kenyan than any of the Camp Mulla tracks ive been listening to…lol

I’ve been following Vinticqeezy for a while now, the first track we posted was Jiachilie which was back in 2008. I cant explain the amount of growth and maturity I hear on this track and that i have seen with these cats over the years. Jiachilie were hits in their own right blessed by Chava at the time. Fast forward to 2012, Sasabasi drops this hit produced by a Kenyan cat in Houston called Giggz. To me I think this is a sick joint – additional vocals by Abizzy a cat from Sierra Leone and what you have here is a recipe for a good track.

The only thing left here is heavy rotation – and air play. So lets start the blessing from this post.

listen and download the track here:

Vinticqeezy ft Abizzy – Find You by getmziki

Bonus Material:


Instrumental: Get it


Accapella: Get it


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