Collo – Hodi Hodi (GetMziki Exclusive ***)


There is something dramatic happening in the music industry across the board, some artists are catching a hissy fit because other artists who claim to be rappers are now singing. This phenomenon has been sweeping the world in one form or another and with this track I think Collo is no exception to the rule.

Here is the thing, I think personally most people who dont like rappers who sing, are probably more upset at the fact that they actually sound good. Its not that rappers never sang in the past, its just that it took one damn good rapper to make the singing stand out on his own tracks. DRAKE is a perfect example of this phenomenon.

When I listen to this track, Collo is singing throughout the whole track, essentially this is territory that folks like Nameless, Mr. Lenny used to occupy – its new territory for him but to be honest its FRESH. The track is solid. Production wise Alex Mugenda aka BIG SOUL did enough justice to the track. Additional vocals were blessed by a soulful sexy chile called Ammelina Mwenesi if y’all recall she was one of the TPF (Tusker Project Fame) contestants a while back.

Anyway am happy with artists who want to challenge the NORM.. But Collo lets put this album together its long over due…

listen and download the track here:

Collo – Hodi Hodi by getmziki


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