Weasal and Radio – Bread and Butter (GetMziki Exclusive **)


image courtesy of Uganda online

You have to love Ugandan Music, it can be about anything but still have that feel good tune and uppidy happiness mood to it. Radio and Weasal were once part of Chameleons camp (Leone Island Crew) then apparently they split up and Radio and Weasal formed Goodlyfe Crew. So according to my sources there was some back and forth and some songs released between this time – Chameleon released “Abayuda” (Betrayers) and then Mozey Radio and Weasal released “satani” (Devil)

Although I hear Radio and Weasal denied the song as an attack and claimed that the song was aimed at people who’ve turned against them and behave similar to the devil… (Sounds like the same thing to me). Either way this track attached titled Bread and Butter is fire. After that Zuena song I knew these cats are on some shit – this particular song that may sound somewhat comedic from everyday life really talks about how hard it is for folks to make it out here – especially in these tough times (thats such a cliche` statement). But anyway – ill chill on the smart comments and statements.. just enjoy the track here

listen to Bread and Butter here:


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