Brand New: Shavie & Slice – GAL


One day when REDSAN was sleeping he dreamt that some crew would come up and run up on his spot. One fine day when REDSAN was sleeping he had a bad nightmare that some young cats from the hood would be the kings of Kenyan Dancehall from no where…

One Day – ULOPA Ngoma created the worst NIGHTMARE EVER for REDSAN and any other artist like Redsan. This nightmare came through the form of Shavie and Slice. Strangely the first time I heard this song I was like damn them Jamaicans just wont stop with their Dancehall. But the ULOPA ngoma signature drop before all tracks was too strategic I almost felt that some DJ was playing tricks with the track. Granted that this track is kinda old to a few DJs in the US – to me and a few other people its fairly new. I also have a pet peeve for Kenyan artists who try to rap and sing in patois (or pigeon english)… but why lie this song is on FIRE… Truthfully if you can do it and hack it then sawa go ahead I dont think I can complain, my only challenge to this duo is consistency, lets see if they can churn our hits after hits with the same feel tempo and charismatic patois enabled songs.

There isn’t much to say about these guys because they are still on the come up, so forget about myspace or getting an image from them or of them. But I hope some of my connections will get us some info.. Ama ULOPA – Do the needful and sambaza some more information about this track (KILLER TRACK) and the artists.

Enjoy.. this is feel good music.. Ohhh Redsan uta du whaarr (nipigie simu kwanza mbuyu)…

listen to Gal here:


download the track here:


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