Doobiez – Abbas Kubaff Mujanjama – The Album ***


Disclaimer: These tracks are off Abbas’s unreleased album (or released), I’ve had these tracks for about 4 years now but figured today it won’t matter as much whether I shared them or I didn’t. So before some folks start complaining that this music isnt new – I’d just like to put it out there that I know… but i still think the quality of work these guys put in 4yrs ago, deserves recognition today – ITS STILL RELEVANT.

Not much can be said about any of these tracks because by me putting them here already means I think they are hot. However i’d appreciate any feedback as usual. My favorite track of course is the Anga Banga Anthem. (Anga Banga eventually became slang for Boza or Weed). Lyrically I tend to compare Abbas to Lil Wayne – some people don’t like that comparison, but to me their style of rhyming is the same. They say things backwards – they bring the punchline before the statement. Consider this line off Anga Banga Anthem.

// Wacha ni wa spike kama Spanish fly, kwa ma drink na ma punchline saa ya lunchtime baadala ya ketchup na fries, rap king Solomon nina mawazo wise, na teach about life, na talk about kuwa survivor na ku stay alive, kama wa see wa five, si lazima ni rap about ma thighs na ma dame na tights … //

If that line passed you then Abbas lyrical flow will definitely be disruptive to you, but if you can read that and or listen to Anga Banga and appreciate the arrangement of lyrics and the context of his statements then you too will appreciate Mr. Mujanjama and realize that he is sincerely one of the defining rappers/artists of our time (in Kenya that is)

True to the fact I listen to all this songs mostly daily

listen to Anga Banga Anthem here:


download the track here:

listen to kamasutra here:


download the track:

listen to Fresh here:


download the track here:

listen to Kerea:


download the track here:

watch the video here:


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