JI aka J-Inshu Feat Lil Ghetto – Kidato Kimoja


image courtesy of J-Inshu Myspace

You will notice that we did not put a “New Audio” or “Brand New” tag on this song, since its not necessarily a new song. It might be catching on now but its been around for a while. Its one of those songs that has been bubbling for a minute now and finally growing on the “masses”. J,I stands for Juma Issa (stage name also J-Inshu) and Lil Ghetto is his producer. On this song J.I talks about a lady that pretends that she does not remember him yet they went to school together. On the song he laments…

Unanikumbuka ila tu unaleta ukaidi… mimi ni yule yule tulisoma wote kidato kimoja aa..aa..aa..”

Tanzanians seem to be into the whole singing thing right now and its catching on fast. I think its songs like these that make people like Ali Kiba start to panic… within this fragment of artists are people like Mantonya, Ali Kiba ofcourse, MB Doggy, Z-Anto to name a few… But its going to be interesting to see which one of these artists will dominate 2009. Owe and not forgetting TID who is now out of jail.

listen to kidato kimoja here:


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