Marlaw – Pii Pii (Missing My Baby)



Marlaw, whose real name is Marima Lawrenceis is well known for his hits like “Bembeleza and “Rita” among many more. Amazingly enough, the one song that Marlaw did that I still think is one of my best is the track “Bado Umenuna” that features Chidi Benz which was a hit across Tanzania, but never really did the numbers that Bembeleza or Rita did across Africa.
I know many people on GetMziki are always taking shots at some artists for “singing” about the same subject matter which is love/women/infidelity/relationships and on this song Marlaw falls into that category. Don’t get me wrong, the song is a great song which will be an anthem in the clubs, but a point reaches where fans and music listeners just want artists to tackle different subject matters. Props to Marlaw for shooting the video in Kenya. Enjoy!!!!

Listen to the Song Below:


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