Juma Nature Feat Jose Chameleon – Mikiki Mikiki (GetMziki Exclusive ***)



Normally Dona posts all the Bongo Flava which is kinda contradicting of our publishing expertise because I am the one from TZ and Dona from Kenya – but he seems to have a better ear for Tanzanian hits than I do, so he has been responsible for 90% of the Bongo hits on this website. However when he posted Mikiki Mikiki I told him I want to ride this one and shine with it because I felt like he wouldn’t do enough justice for this crazy beat.

Also more importantly just for the sheer fact that I saw my man P-Funk all up on this video, I was super/extremely excited. Its always nice to see your old crew still holding it down and making good music. P-Funk is one of my long time friends and has been holding down the whole Wanaume Halisi family (which coinsidentally as I understand split into two groups – So I guess there is a splinter group lead by Chege and crew and the original Wanaume Halisi group lead by Juma Nature who put this whole TMK crew together).

If you have been an avid Bongo Flava follower you will notice Juma Nature has a signature singing/rhyming style thats unique to him only. I personally call him the Lil wayne of Africa – because he sings his rhymes and cries on his songs. P-Funk as a producer I think understands the Tanzanian market and understand Juma Natures capabilities. So whenever these two go into a studio, its magical. This song is one of those songs that will get anyone off their seats and just jumping and bumping to the beat. Its a classic Bongo Flava beat thats upiddy and happy. For a minute there I thought East African music was lost and gone – after listening to all these Urban based tunes and instruments in tracks… But thank God we still have some elements of Benga/Zouk/Bongo left in some producers hands.

To hear Chameleon on the track also was like whoa!! I cant say enough about this track –

listen to Mikiki Mikiki here:

download the track here:
[Download the track here: RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE AS]

watch the video here:


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