2K Feat Rihanna – Rude Boy (Kenyan Remix)


Its that time where I showcase an African artist based overseas. We get tons of music from artists all over the world and we always strive to also showcase emerging talent that is working hard at perfecting their craft. One of those artists is 2K who is a Kenyan artist based in the US. He has been burning up the underground scene with a slew of mixtape material since 2008 and his his style can be characterized by an emphasis on lyricism and intricate wordplay.Although 2K has only been doing music for 2 short years he has gathered a following by consistently dropping remixes to some of the latest songs while still delivering 10-12 original songs every year. 2K has been hard at work collaborating with some of your favorite artists and can seen in various blogs and websites.

He has been sending me music for a while now and I’ve always told him to keep on writing and stay abreast of the music scene. He slid me this single a couple of weeks ago and after a couple of listens knew instantly that this was the track that the world needed to hear from 2K. This track is hot!!!!

I know some people have never really “accepted” artists jumping on other peoples beats and making unofficial remixes but I’ve always told artists that there is no better way to get better in terms of writing by jumping on mainstream hit records, since it opens up a different world of creating hits. Also just to put it out there, Sakordie from Ghana and Ya Boy from the Bay Area was just recently signed to Akons Konvict Music and both artists don’t have albums out. They got signed coz of their mixtape tracks and unofficial remixes which were heavy in the streets.

I know I played this track in the clubs and the peoples response was just as huge as the original track. If anything a couple of people wanted to know how they could get a hold of the track, which is a huge tell tale sign when a track is hot. So to 2K, keep on doing your thing.


Listen to the track below:

[audio:http://getmziki.s3.amazonaws.com/2K_FeatRihanna_RUDE_BOY_KENYAN REMIX.mp3]

Download the track below:


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