I’m sure everyone has been following the whole “Makmende” explosion and some people are still “Lost’ as to the whole superhero campaign. You know you got the world listening and paying attention when you become a trending topic on twitter, which is what Makmende has been.

Makmende is a Kenya super hero. Or as it is said, he is your super heroes super hero. No one can touch him. The character has been created by the music group “Just a Band” for their track ‘Ha He” that was produced by Eric Musyoka. The video, has become the first viral internet sensation in Kenya. The word Makmende is  a sheng (Swahili slang) word which means “to want to be a hero”. The video, directed by Jim Chuchu and Mbithi Masya, became a viral internet sensation and Kenyans launched an internet campaign for the “superhero” on Facebook, Twitter and other social media. The videos references blaxploitation and kung-fu movies in its style and features Makmende fighting with a variety of humorously named characters in a fictional city.

Leo had posted the song way back in October coz even before all the media coverage of the group, he could tell that the  music from Just a band was going to be big and he showcased the band and producer which we always strive to showcase. Click here for the post.

Now here is what we at GetMziki have been asking each other. The whole Makmende explosion is really great, but on the loopside people are forgetting about the artists, music and producers. Enough people have been emailing me asking me about Makmende thinking he’s a real superhero and when I start telling them its a character based on really great music from “Just a band” that was produced by Eric Musyoka they get surprised. Did anyone realise that Musyoka made the beat, did anyone realise that it was on Getmziki before. Did anyone realize that JAB were on Hypeem and other US social networks and blogs before this song?

What we are saying is that if this was a US or UK group it would have 5 million downloads already on itunes, which would be some income for the group and their families.  Most likely Jimmy Iovine, Konvict Music or Bad Boy would have signed Just-A-Band and Eric Musyoka would have been called to Produce Lady Gaga’s or LMFAO’s new album and all of Interscope top acts  and possibly Verizon would have bought Ha-He for their new campaign and so on and so on.  I think by now you are getting the drift. All the people involved in the project would have had their life’s change in a week, which would open more doors for African music and artists.

So lets keep it on the music people. Let’s show more support and media coverage to the artists, producers and everyone else involved in the project.

Kudos to everyone involved on the Just a Band “Ha-He” project.


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