A-Dubb 2010 Dancehall Shakedown Mix (GetMziki Exclusives ***)


Disclaimer: This is continuation of the GetMziki DJ Mixes highlight session, this is the 4th of 5 DJs we wanted to show case last week. So please bare with us as we finalize the whole Mixes session.

Last weekend I drove up to Sacramento to celebrate C-Dubbs Bday (C-Dubb of Dubb DJs a.k.a Cyrille Wamunga added one more year to his soul). I love these cats so any opportunity I get to travel up to Sacramento, I am always jumping on it. I’ve lived in California for a while now to tell you that the Bay in general is one place where there doesn’t seem to be any DJ animosity and competition. DJ Mpenzi (a Kenyan) tends to do his events that cater to a very different diverse crowd, DJ Slim tends to do his events that cater to many Kenyans and Africans in the Bay, DJ Johnnie (retired) reads this blog everyday but never comments is probably one of the coolest cats I’ve known in the bay. Then you have veterans like DJ Marto who retired gracefully to pave way for people like Slim and the rest. The thing is you can find all these people in one party at any given time – Honestly Northern California (the Bay) is not like any other state i’ve been to for Kenyan entertainment.

I have been following Allen for a while, I admire his business sense but mostly I think its his humility that has me hooked on his personality. I’ve worked with tonnes of artists and DJs by far this is probably the most humble dude ive worked with. A-Dubb who will be in Dallas this weekend is probably the most talented of the trio but I am sure the two clowns can argue this out accordingly. I however think A-Dubbs mixes dont do justice to his live club performance and capabilities. Last week I had a blast – these cats pack up a club with Africans, Asians, Zungs and Samoans. To entertain all these people under one roof requires special skills which I was surprised A-Dubb handled with ease. To be perfectly honest I think you should always strive to DJ by yourself, because you build better momentum and a better understanding of your crowd and routine that stays consistent through out the night. I find DJying with like 4 to 5 other people just disruptive and confusing. Maximum Djs per night should be limited to 2.

I know this post is long but I had to do justice coz I have never really featured A-Dubb, considering he is like one of my boys. So this is ode to his kindness and goodness – This mix is part of a CD release he has been handing out since last week. In my opinion this is still not his best work if at all. I like it because it flows. I like it because it just is a good mix. I think it could do with better imaging and better drops but from a DJ perspective and song selection to capture 2010 this mix did the job. Through hanging out with A-Dubb I’ve learned that you can scratch, you can juggle, you can mix and blend – but all these things don’t really make you a good DJ. This mix proved to me that you dont need the bells and whistles to enjoy Dancehall. All I can say as far as A-Dubb is concerned is the best is yet to come and you can bet I will be somewhere close watching. If I am involved – It will be Fiyaaaaah!!!

Tracklist :

1. True friend- Demarco
2. Holiday – Ding Dong
3 Can’t buy respect- Flippa
4. Jah never fails me – Mr. Vegas
5. Got to Survive – Serani
6. Longtime- Shaggy
7. Slow Motion – Vybz kartel
8. Go hard and Dun – Chan Dizzy
9. Drinking Rum – Future Fambo feat Beenie Man..
10. Pon Di Wall- New Kingston Band
11. I wanna be on top- Timberlee
12. Hold Yuh- Gyptian
13. Hold Yuh Remix- Gyptian feat Nikki Minaj:
14. Just you and I – Ricky Blaze/Oz Kickdrum/Dj-Adubb original mash
15. Hold Yuh Answer- Shani/Oz kickdrum
16. Di Train- Mr Vegas
17. Let my Luv go- Allison Hinds feat Shaggy
18. Shi Nuh Waah – LeftSide
19. Shi Know Fi – Vybz Kartel
20. V.I.S.A – Beenie Man
21. Come Breed me.. Vybz Kartel
22. Cleanliness- Charly Black, Chi Ching and Ding Dong.
23. How we do it – Elephant man and Bounty Killer
24. Skip to my Lou – Serani Ft Ding Dong, Razz and Biggy
25. Mi Feel a Way – Black Rhyno & Da Vinci
26. Do me Dat – Vybz Kartel/ Sheba

listed to A-Dubbs Dancehall Shakedown here:


Download the mix here:

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