A Touch Of Africa – Kabugi the DJ (GetMziki African Mixes ***)


I grew up in the same Hood/Mtaa as Kabugi, actually we went to the same church in Buru phase v/phase iv. It was called Catho – or Catholic Church of Buru Buru. We probably fkuzad the same chics and shared the same rounda festivities and ball sessions. Although if I think long and hard Kabugi lived in phase iv which was okay but it just wasnt phase v. He he he phase iv had all the nice chiles, actually phase iv and phase iii or phase ii had all the chiles in Buru. Phase v had all the hot jamas (evidently).

Anyway I digress! My point here is that I’ve known this cat for a long time. Kabugi was one of my first Mlevi.com users and contributors when we were on version 1.3. Its amazing how time flies since 2001 to date thats almost 9 years ago when we were building our first Kenyan social network homie. But real talk am proud to know that the Internet has really lived up to its promise – ensuring people always stay in touch and in communication. Kabugi and I don’t talk much but when we do he will always drop a mix here and there – Personally I am never really fascinated by new school mixes… its the old stuff that he did that always has me locked in.

Hopefully when we finish 9mixtapes I will get the opportunity to share a lot of stuff he has done but today i am compelled to share this Touch of Africa mix that I have been playing in my car over and over and over again. Funny enough he did this in 2006 which is just amazing in itself. Thats why I feel like a lot of these African songs and sounds are so timeless. You cant listen to a 2006 Genge mix today and tell me it sounds as fresh today!

This mix has it all, it has your daily dose of Lingala, Magic System, Coupe De cale back in the day… Anyway real talk Kabugi this mix is official. Thanks for sharing/ Keep doing what you do!

listen to Touch of Africa here:


download the mix here:

Right Click and [hit save target AS]



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