Ala C – Walking Class (****Mixtape Fridays)


Ala C is the new breed of artists in the Calif stable and describe their music as the “New Genge”. According to his Bio, “ALA-C is a Genge RnB artist with Calif Records/ BEAT YA CLEMO” and his aspirations is to be “To be a legend & an icon in the music industry both locally & internationally”.

Ala C definitely has potential and With his varying musical styles and persona's he just need sthe right record to make him a household name.

Walking class

is catchy, does not sound like everything else out there and definitely a step in the right direction for Ala C.

Listen to the song below:

Update: Download link now available!!!!

Click HERE to Download the track (RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE AS)

Watch the Video Below:


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