Diamond – Kwanini (**GetMziki Exclusive)


Word is that Tanzania superstar Diamond will be embarking on his first US tour starting this week. We at GetMziki are so proud to see all the hard work work Diamond has put in, slowly paying off. According to our sources, he’s one’s of the biggest go to artists in Tanzania right now. We remember like it was yesterday when we first showcased his music years ago and put our stamp of approval on him being the “Next superstar” in Bongo music.

I personally remember his first track that had an amazing all around first Impression. Upcoming artists can definitely use Diamond as a template as to “What to do” when starting out in the music industry. From my daily reads, I have come across numerous articles that give artists various tips on marketing your music.

Numerous artists often hit us asking for tips on how to get featured on the site or make the “it” step. One major tip that Diamond has used to his advantage apart from the great music is a great online presence. Consider this as Tip 1 for upcoming artists:

We got this brand new track this week from our Bongo connect Alvin. It’s new classic Diamond material. Enough said


Listen to the track below:


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